General Conversion Information

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  Alerts & Transfers must be set up again in the new system.

  You will begin logging into the Online Banking Login box on your company’s conversion date. The current login titled “Business Banking” will     be disabled on Friday, February 1st. However, once you have logged into the new Online Banking experience you should no longer use the “Business     Banking” login to access your Online Banking.

  After your conversion date, company users will no longer have access to the old system unless you have made prior arrangements with FCB by     calling     Deposit Operations at 830-401-0155.

  Make sure all users are aware of the upgrade and know when your conversion date is. This information was included in the “Action Required” email     with the User Information Setup Form. 

  Company IDs are no longer necessary. All users will have a unique user ID that was provided on their User Form by a company administrator. For     most     users, this matches your existing User ID. If you are unsure, please contact your company administrator.

  All company users will have the same temporary password specific to their organization. This information was emailed to all company     administrators.     For login assistance, please contact Deposit Operations at 830-401-0155.

  Your first login will prompt you with reminders and specific items to review; please contact us if you find any errors after your review.

  All eStatement access has been moved to the ACCOUNTS tab within the new systems. A separate login is no longer required.

  Security Tokens used for ACH & Wires will no longer be necessary. Please destroy once you have converted to the new system and successfully     submitted Wires and/or ACH. These transactions will require a one-time passcode that will be sent via voice or text to a number already on file.


Steps for your first login:

1. Enter your existing user name and you will be prompted to go through Advanced Login Authentication, which requires a phone call or text message to obtain a security code. Please note it may take more than one attempt to register your device.

2. Once authentication is complete, you will enter your temporary Online Banking password and be prompted to change this to a new password to use going forward. Requirements for your new password are: (i) at least 8 characters long (ii) contain at least 1 number. Please note this password will be case sensitive.  If allowed, you can use your previous password. Going forward, all passwords will expire annually.

3. After you choose your new password, you will be prompted to agree to our Online Banking Agreement. No significant changes have been made, but we encourage you to review as a best practice.

4. After accepting the Agreement, you will be asked to confirm or update your phone numbers on record before being taken to Online Banking. Please confirm and update these now!