Important Bill Payment Information

ACTION REQUIRED - SCHEDULED BILL PAYMENTS: On or before Thursday, January 10th, we recommend printing or making a note of all bill payments scheduled between January 10th and January 18th.

ACTION REQUIRED - E BILLS: On or before, Friday, January 11th, make a note of all eBills you have set up.  You must enroll again to receive these eBills in the new Bill Pay system.


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 Q: Will my access to Bill Payment be interrupted?

A: YES, you will be unable to access Bill Payment from Friday, January 11th through Tuesday, January 15th . However, scheduled payments will continue to be processed as normal during this time. You will be unable to access, change, or make any updates to these payments in process.


Q: Will there be any interruption to my scheduled payments?

A: No, all scheduled and future dated payments, including recurring payments will continue to be processed as normal, even though you will not be able to see them during the scheduled downtime.


Q: Will I see my payees within my new Bill Payment?

A: Yes, your existing payees will transfer to your new Bill Payment. After the upgrade, payees and the ability to make payments will be available on Wednesday, January 16th at 9am.


Q. Will I see my Bill Payment history within my new Bill Payment?

 A. Your Bill Payment history WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE until Friday, January 18th. Please make a note of all pending payments for your reference before your history is available. Contact us at 830-401-0155 before rescheduling a payment you already made.


Q. Will all of my existing Bill Payment history be available within my new Bill Payment?

 A. On Friday, January 18th, ALL of your Bill Payment history will be available in our new online banking.


Q. Will existing eBills be available in my new Bill Payment?

 A: No, existing eBills will not transfer to your new Bill Payment. We recommend making a note of existing eBills for easier set up in your new Bill Payment. Your current eBills will be changed over to paper if you do not enroll again with those payees.