Transfers & Alerts

ACTION REQUIRED - SCHEDULED TRANSFERS: On or before Friday,  January 11th, make a note or print a list of your scheduled transfers.  All recurring or scheduled transfers to be processed after  January 15, 2019 must be set up again in the new system.

ACTION REQUIRED - TEXT & EMAIL ALERTS: On or before Friday, January 11th, make a note of all text and email alerts you have set up.  All alerts must be set up again in the new system.

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 Q: Will my existing Online Banking automatic transfers continue to be processed during the upgrade?

A: All existing transfers scheduled to occur on or before January 14th will be processed normally.


Q. Can I set up a new transfer or modify my existing transfer during the upgrade?

A. The ability to set-up new transfers or modify existing transfers will be removed on Thursday, January 10th.


Q: Will I need to set-up my transfer again in the new Online Banking?

 A. YES, all transfers scheduled to occur after January 14th will be CANCELLED and should be SET UP AGAIN once you access the new Online Banking. We recommend making a note of your scheduled transfers for easy set-up.


Q. Will I continue to receive my account alerts via text or email?

A: No, the account alerts you receive today will no longer be sent after Tuesday, January 15th . You will be able to set up new REAL-TIME alerts with your new Online Banking experience. A new and improved selection of alerts will be available to help you better manage your accounts.