Who Are We at FCB?

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Anna Grossman is the Senior Vice President of Bank Operations at First Commercial Bank and currently offices out of our Seguin location. Her primary job is to make sure the bank is running at top efficiency while delivering the best possible service to our customers. You may not see her in the branch but she is always behind the scenes supporting our staff. When not at the bank she loves to work in her flower beds and yard.

If you're in the neighborhood stop on by our Seguin location, have a cup of coffee, and say hello to Anna Grossman.

Did You Know?

Credit Card Skimmers are on the rise!


Skimming works after a device is attached to a ATM, gas pump, or other card reading device which then records your card information, and in some cases your PIN, to fraudulently access your accounts. A few tips to help protect yourself from scams like this:

-Turn on your Bluetooth and check it before you pump gas. A long number displayed will indicate there is a skimmer nearby.

-Go inside the gas station to pay

-Physically check the card reader to see if there might be an additional attachment or for signs of tampering.

-and as always, please check your bank accounts daily.


For more information regarding Credit Card Skimmers follow the link below, and keep your eyes here for more helpful information and options to protect you and your loved ones from fraud.


FTC Consumer Information-Card Skimmers


Look What's New!

Exciting News!! First Commercial Bank is now offering INSTANT ISSUE OF DEBIT CARDS!!


Some of the great benefits of Instant Issue Debit Cards are:

*No more waiting for 7 to 10 business days for your debit card and PIN mailer to arrive!

*No more worrying if your debit card is going to get lost in the mail!

*Reduce the stress and frustration if your card gets lost, stolen, or compromised by having a replacement issued immediately upon request!


Customers must be in person at one of our designated locations (Seguin, NB 725, or Jourdanton) to request and receive their Instant Issued Debit Card and PIN. Customers who request debit cards at one of our other locations will continue to receive their card and PIN mailer via USPS. Expiring cards will continue to be mailed to customers as they are currently.


If you have any questions please contact your local branch and keep your eyes here for more of our 2019 lineup of new products and services!

The New Online Banking

We are very excited to introduce our enhanced online banking services! Access to the new online banking experience is now available!

Please follow the link for more information, and if at any time you have additional questions, please give your local branch a call. 

Thank you for choosing First Commercial Bank!

 OLB Information and FAQ