Who Are We at FCB?

A headshot of Kasandra Gutierrez

Kasandra Gutierrez works as a Teller at our Lincoln Heights location in San Antonio, Texas. She has been providing excellent customer service in the banking industry since she was eighteen years old and First Commercial Bank is proud to have her. When she is not behind the teller line she is at home studying for her Bachelor's Degree in Finance.

If you're in the area, stop on by the Lincoln Heights location and say hello to Kasandra.

Look What's New!

Exciting News!! First Commercial Bank is now offering INSTANT ISSUE OF DEBIT CARDS!!


Some of the great benefits of Instant Issue Debit Cards are:

*No more waiting for 7 to 10 business days for your debit card and PIN mailer to arrive!

*No more worrying if your debit card is going to get lost in the mail!

*Reduce the stress and frustration if your card gets lost, stolen, or compromised by having a replacement issued immediately upon request!


Customers must be in person at one of our designated locations (Seguin, NB 725, or Jourdanton) to request and receive their Instant Issued Debit Card and PIN. Customers who request debit cards at one of our other locations will continue to receive their card and PIN mailer via USPS. Expiring cards will continue to be mailed to customers as they are currently.


If you have any questions please contact your local branch and keep your eyes here for more of our 2019 lineup of new products and services!

Did You Know?

Are you receiving unwanted calls? Calls asking for information or claiming to represent a company or group you may have heard of? Do you think you've been the target of a scam?


Here are a few tips and tricks to help stop unwanted calls!


Block them! Scammers use information on the internet to make calls from all over the world. A National Do Not Call Registry will not stop them. Blocking their number is the best reaction after you receive an unwanted call. 


Use Caller ID! If you do not recognize the number, or if the number is blocked, don't answer. Anyone who has a legitimate reason to contact you can easily leave a message, putting the control back in your hands. If you have friends, family members, or business associates that might call you from various lines ask them which ones they'd like to have included in their contact profile. 


Use the National Do Not Call Registry! While it won't stop a scammer from calling you, it is a useful tool to prevent repeated calls from legitimate businesses you may be receiving. 


Be mindful of the information you give out over the phone and on the internet. If someone calls claiming to be your bank, your phone or internet company, your utility company, or even a member of law enforcement, ask them for a valid callback number and check that contact information against what is listed on their website. If you feel you've given out too much information, contact the institution(s) that might have been affected. They will have a policy and procedure in place to assist you in protecting your assets. 


As always keep your eyes here for more information on how to protect yourself, and for more information on unwanted calls please follow the link below.


FTC-How To Stop Unwanted Calls

The New Online Banking

We are very excited to introduce our enhanced online banking services! Access to the new online banking experience is now available!

Please follow the link for more information, and if at any time you have additional questions, please give your local branch a call. 

Thank you for choosing First Commercial Bank!

 OLB Information and FAQ